What To Expect

Open Arms is a “come as you are” church.  You are welcome to wear whatever clothes you want.  Our pastors usually wear jeans.

You are welcome to join us no matter where you are in your spiritual journey.  You are not required to believe everything we believe in order to worship with us.

We have comfortable seating and you are invited to share a cup of coffee or a cold beverage and enjoy some light snacks.  You are encouraged to take your food and drinks with you into the Worship Center.

Our Music Team consists of guitars, keyboard, harmonicas, and vocalists and they lead us in singing songs that are packed with meaning and are also easy to learn.

You are able to decide if you want your children to worship with you or take advantage of our Youth Group and ‘Kids Klub Worship’ on Sundays.

You are not expected to give money.  If you decide that you like Open Arms and want to make us your spiritual home, then you may give financially to support God’s work through our church.

Our aim is to provide a casual atmosphere where all may seriously consider following Jesus.  We certainly do not believe that you will be bored!  From our opening video to the final song we believe that you will have multiple opportunities to encounter the God who really does love you.